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Track all your vehicles easily and cheaply
No installation, no hassle - track your subcontractors too
Low cost – just 35p per day

Map Alerts

Route Replay

Driver Messages

Time Management

Truckcom Vehicle Tracking

Unlike other fleet tracking systems, Truckcom requires no installation – it tracks the positions of your drivers' smartphones. It’s easy to use, flexible, and very low cost. It includes all the features you expect from a Tracking system, including satellite imagery, minute by minute history, and geofence warnings. Click on the video to find out more, or scroll down for details.

>> Map Alerts

Truckcom has several different types of alert – so your attention is drawn to important events that you need to manage, while normal operations going to plan won’t occupy much of your time at all.

  • You can get Base warnings when a vehicle goes near particular places of interest (maybe depots or distribution centres - or maybe cafes and Truckstops)
  • The system can warn you if your vehicles are running late for a job
  • It can also give you Site Warnings you when vehicles get stuck on site
  • And for long range operations, you can get warnings if your vehicles spend too much time stationary (maybe wasting time – your time, on your money)
  • The system will also warn you when your vehicles enter the London Congestion charge zone which can be helpful for some operators

"Looking at how we operate now, the key thing is that everyone has good information from Truckcom, easily to hand"

Derek Cawston - Goldstar Transport

>> Route Replay

Truckcom stores the activity (working or resting) and the geographical position of each vehicle for every minute of the day. You can click through the entries to see exactly who was where, when – and how long they spent resting and driving, so you’ll know how much driving time they have left.

The system shows you visually on the map exactly where the vehicle was and you can zoom right in to street level, including aerial photography, to find out exactly where the vehicle was at any time. You can also zoom right out to cover a wider area to get an overview of what each vehicle was doing.

Many operators find this sort of facility very useful to trace movements of vehicles for which some doubt has been cast on their exact location, possibly to do with traffic incidents or issues with deviations from normal routes or excessive time spent on site or at inappropriate locations. The system remembers all tracking reports, for every minute that every vehicle has been operating on the system. There is no arbitrary time limit applied as with some simple online tracking systems, with Truckcom all of the history is available for all of the users for all time.

>> Driver Messages

You can send messages to drivers whenever required, and they can reply. They can also send messages to the office and again a reply facility is provided. These messages are not charged as SMSs and have the convenience and speed of email. This is another way that Truckcom makes things easy.

There are also advanced messaging options which allow you to send messages to all drivers or to several selected drivers, if you have a general announcement to make (for instance if a major traffic problem has arisen - or for facility closures or weather related information).

There is also the facility to split drivers into groups (for instance, drivers based at different depots around the country) and communicate with all members of each group as required.

>> Time Management

Time management facilities let you track what your vehicles were doing (working, resting, or available) throughout the day and will warn drivers and office operators if vehicles are at risk of infringing tacho regulations.

The system uses manual driver entries to record which mode they’re in. The system then alerts drivers if they are approaching a point where they would be legally required to take a tacho rest (initially at 4 hours and 15 minutes, then every 5 minutes after that). This warning system ensures that the drivers comply and get into the habit of recording rests properly on their mobiles.

Using this information, the tracker screen in the office system shows the appropriate icon (Crossed Hammers, Steering Wheel, Square or Bed symbol) so you can instantly see what each driver is doing. The same icons appear in the history records as well, and are summarised for each day, so you can quickly and easily get details and summaries of all drivers’ time usage.

The system also provides a facility to view Working Time Directive (WTD) compliance of drivers, by showing working time maximums and averages over specified 6 week periods, or over any other chosen period depending on your WTD policies.