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Instant Paperless Vehicle Checks
Fully Customisable
Accessible via email or the web

Vehicle Check Reports

Defect Reports

Maintenance Management

Truckcom Vehicle Checks

Truckcom makes it easy for you to keep electronic vehicle check and defect reports. These are created directly on each driver’s smartphone and are securely stored indefinitely.

The system also allows you to manage your maintenance processes and scan your maintenance documents, to make Truckcom your master record for all vehicle roadworthiness records.

The system has now been tested in hundreds of VOSA and DVSA inspections and has been accepted as the primary method of record keeping in every one.

>> Vehicle Check Reports

Truckcom lets your drivers record their vehicle walkaround checks – whether defects are present or not. The check reports are then stored securely and can be emailed to a folder in your office system as well if required.

Vehicle checks can be turned off if you don't need them, but if they're on, drivers can't see their work instructions until their initial walkaround checks have been completed. This forces the driver to record the checks, and also to sign for the roadworthiness of the vehicle.

These reports are available instantly as soon as the driver has completed them, and are also securely stored electronically, indefinitely, for compliance purposes.

Comparing this way of working with the traditional paper chase of defect pads shows it to be light years ahead. Once operators start to use this sort of defect and check management system, they wonder how on earth they managed the old way. Many VOSA/DVSA audits have proved the effectiveness of the system, and the time savings, combined with the far more reliable method of recording and retaining check and defect data, are easy justifications for adopting this approach.

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>> Defect Reports

Truckcom lets your drivers report their defects during vehicle walkaround checks. The defects reports are stored securely on our servers and can be emailed to a folder in your office system as well if required.

Truckcom stores all the information required for defects, including their whereabouts on the vehicle (or trailer if applicable); the type of defect (operation, security or condition); and the specific defect type, selected from a list of more than a hundred defect types, which can be modified or customised by each operator to suit their specific requirements for defect reporting. In addition to this the driver can enter a text message which provides further details, and can also attach a picture to the defect report.

As with all parts of Truckcom, once this information has been reported by the driver in the normal course of their work, it then becomes accessible instantly to all participants in the fleet maintenance process, and is stored indefinitely for later reporting and analysis, and for compliance purposes.

The system also allows alert emails to be sent to a designated email address when new defects are reported.

>> Maintenance Management

Truckcom lets you manage your vehicle maintenance and inspections from within the system. You can plan inspections and MOTs, show maintenance activities in diary form, and also link defect reports with maintenance orders to close the loop. Maintenance paperwork can also be scanned into the system for a complete roadworthiness record in one place.

As with all parts of the system, you can pick and choose which parts you use. Some operators choose electronic defect and check reports but leave their maintenance management activities as they are – others will choose to link everything together in Truckcom. Because Truckcom is an open system (with email facilities for defects and check reports) it can be easily linked in with other working practices.