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Fully featured Transport Management System
Traffic Planning, EDI, Invoicing, and Reporting
All Web based - no software installation required at your site

Traffic Planning

EDI / System Integration



Truckcom Transport Management

Truckcom provides a fully featured Transport Management system. You can enter jobs manually or via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and manage them through to completion. The system can be used together with existing systems if required, or it can serve as a complete, self contained transport management system. Most of our customers, including some of our largest, use Truckcom as their primary transport management system.

All of this is available instantly, via the web - with no installation of software required at the operator's site. It's easy, quick and low cost.

>> Traffic Planning

To plan your work out to your vehicles, you can allocate jobs in Truckcom in a number of ways. One of the easiest to use is "drag and drop" where you drag jobs onto a vehicle on-screen

As soon as you have adjusted your plan on-screen, drivers automatically receive updates to their instructions via the Truckcom mobile App. Everything happens seamlessly, with no need to shout down 'phones.

Want to try Truckcom out for yourself - completely free?

No credit card or bank details required, no obligation

>> EDI / System Integration

Truckcom provides general purpose automatic job input facilities, and we can also develop customised interfaces with your existing systems if this is required. This can save huge amounts of time in getting job data into the system.

The general purpose interfaces include spreadsheet entry and scraping of information out of PDF files. Both kinds of file can be emailed directly to Truckcom and processed automatically.

Does all of this automation cost you more? No - it's included in our standard pricing. We do the work for you to get Truckcom talking to your systems and your customers at no charge, and at no obligation to you. Contact us to find out more.

>> Invoicing

Truckcom also provides invoicing facilities, generating sales invoices for jobs on either a per-job or batch period basis.

The system can generate audit trail files which can be imported directly into SAGE Line 50 to carry across sales revenue figures into your accounting system with no re-keying required.

>> Reporting

Truckcom has a comprehensive reports module, which uses powerful pivot table based analysis to drill down into your transport and tracking data. The results can be presented in tabular or chart form, and can be easily printed or emailed.