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Truckcom Prices
Mobile Logons - 35p per driver per day
Vehicle Check Reports - 20p per report
Transport Management - 30p per job
Invoicing - 10p per job


First of all it’s absolutely free for drivers to use our mobile app and data usage is under 100 megabytes per month.

We only charge for use of our Web Based Office Software, but there's nothing to pay up front, and all new users get 30 days of usage completely free with no obligation.

Once you've started chargeable use, you can stop at any time as there’s no tie in.

Unlike other providers we also offer a free comprehensive support package. This includes on-going support and training, software updates, interfaces with other systems and any tweaks required to help Truckcom meet your needs as closely as possible.

Chargeable use is very competitively priced - look at the Pay-As-You-Go charge rates below for new Web Based customers:
  • Mobile Logons - 35p per driver per day
  • Vehicle Check Reports - 20p per report
  • Transport Management - 30p per job - capped at 90p per mobile per day
  • Invoicing - 10p per job
Price Estimate Calculator - Get an instant quote

Average number of mobile users:

Will you be using vehicle check reports?

Average number of jobs per day per vehicle:

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We estimate Truckcom will cost you:
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Please note this value is only an estimate. Please contact us if you have any questions.

For some customers with bigger fleets we can offer discounted rates based on these prices, and we may also be able to offer flat rate billing based on fleet size. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a personalised quote.

Please contact us us if you would like to discuss quantity discounts or flat rate billing.
Do you need more details of exactly how you pay for Truckcom? Look at our Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Billing - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30 day free trial work?

Once we receive your details via the sign-up form, we will create a Truckcom database for you online and send you an email which gives you the link to follow to start using the system and also instructions for how to use it. We don't need any credit card or bank details. You then get 30 days of use on the system with no charges whatsoever. Then on day 31, chargable usage starts. You will get a warning email telling you this is going to happen. Then, 16 days after that, your first itemised bill will be sent to you. Our payment terms for these bills are that payment must be received in our account within 14 days of the date of the bill. Then, each month from then on, we will send you a bill which covers that month of use.

Is there any obligation to continue after the first 30 days?

No, there isn't. We hope you'll continue but there is absolutely no obligation - you can stop whenever you want, either during the initial 30 day period or at any time afterwards.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by Bank Transfer or Direct Debit.

What happens if I don't pay one of the monthly bills?

If your account is in debit for more than 14 days we will disable your Truckcom system. We will warn you that this situation has arisen via messages in the top right hand corner of Truckcom and also by sending you notification emails.

If I don't pay will you try to recover the debt?

No, we won't. In cases of non-payment our sole remedy is to disable the system so you can't continue to use it.

In cases of non-payment, how long do you retain my database after the 14 day payment deadline?

We will not delete any of your data for at least 5 days after the 14 day payment deadline. This means that if you make a late payment within 19 days of the bill date you will be able to resume using Truckcom with all your historical data remaining available. However, after 19 days without payment we reserve the right to delete your Truckcom database.

Can I copy my database information out of Truckcom?

Yes, you can - the information you store in Truckcom belongs to you. At any time while your system remains live you can export Truckcom data out of the system into CSV/Excel files and use it for whatever purpose you wish.

If my database has been deleted following non-payment, can I then re-subscribe?

We may accept a re-subscription depending on circumstances. However we reserve the right to decline re-subscriptions from individuals or companies with a history of billing issues.