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Instant electronic proof of delivery
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Electronic Signatures or Scans

Electronic Signature

Mobile Scanning

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Electronic Proof Of Delivery

Truckcom provides two forms of Proof Of Delivery (POD). The first is Electronic Signature, where the driver passes the Smartphone to the customer who then signs on-screen for the delivery. The second, which is being used more and more now, is Scanned POD, where the driver uses his smartphone to photograph the paperwork.

Then, once the POD is received from the App, Truckcom can make it available, immediately, to the customer. Click on the video to find out more, or scroll down for details.

>> Electronic Proof of Delivery

Truckcom can record Proof of Delivery on your jobs using electronic signatures. The driver passes the Smartphone to the customer who then signs on-screen for the delivery. The signature area takes up the whole screen, as you can see here - making it as easy as possible for the customer.

Customers can use a stylus if they wish, or many will simply sign with their finger. It's easy for everyone and can be done in a 100% paperless way.

"Our core business is production and supply. Truckcom has enabled us to run our Transport Department with reduced costs and less effort which enables us to spend more money, time and effort on our core business"

Phil Redfern - CWG Choices

>> Mobile Scanning

To scan paperwork, the driver just presses a Scan button in Truckcom and it takes him to the scanner screen, shown here on the left.

He then takes photographs of each page of the paperwork. Once he’s finished, Truckcom then trims each page to be a proper document scan and stores them all in a .PDF file.

The whole scan process is made as easy as it possibly can be for the driver. Truckcom even shows him an electronic spirit level so he can be sure he’s holding the device level for the scan (the green circle in the middle of the screen).

>> Customer Web Access

Proof of Delivery can be made available to your customers instantly by allowing them to log on and see their jobs on the web, with links to PODs available as soon as these have been completed by the driver for each job.

This same customer web page can also show vehicle positions, together with estimated times of arrival, traffic news, and tracker warnings if desired.