About Us

Truckcom is a small, independent, British owned company that has been trading since 2005. We are located in Hertfordshire near Stansted airport, and all of our development and support is done from here. There's a trend these days for companies to move these kinds of activities out to India or elsewhere - but we feel it's important to keep them in house. It's a policy that's worked well for us now for many years and we have no plans to change it.

Our company was created as a spinoff from a haulage company because we saw a need for a product which provided all the features operators need at a price they can afford. We also felt that if we provided an excellent customer service and stuck to a no-nonsense approach, we would stand out against a lot of other telematics companies that tended to try to blind people with science, tie them into long leases, and then never be heard of again.

The main thing we pride ourselves on is the adaptable and continually evolving nature of Truckcom as a product. The system has been in use since 2004 and over the years has grown and developed in many ways, and has become what it is mostly from the input and advice of experienced fleet operators. The one thing we’re sure of going forward is that we need to carry on in exactly the same way. We’re sure Truckcom should never stop developing and evolving.